Monday, March 15, 2010

Review: Cinnabon Cupcake

Cinna-bon-cup-cake.  Cinnaboncake? Cinnacup?

Fact: I've never had anything from Cinnabon before.  Nope, not even at an airport.  I do enjoy cinnamon buns, especially the Pillsbury kind you can make at home, because you can save a little of the frosting in the frosting tub and use that for your own dipping once everyone else takes their piece..oh...just me?  Since I love trying out new things, and my friend T was in town visiting, we thought it would be fun to try out the new cupcake when we passed by it at the mall.  They have 4 flavors, but we knew it was going to be the Cinnacake Classic- c'mon, you gotta try the namesake out, right?

First off, I was impressed at their packaging- they have cupcake holder sleeves (the ones that look like a monkey's face, haha) that they just place into their regular Cinnabon container, to keep the cupcake in place while in transit.  Also, saves them from having to buy new/extra packaging just for their cupcakes.  Nice work!  Ok I gotta say- if you love cinnamon bun frosting... you will LOVE this cupcake.  As you can see it is piled high with the thick rich frosting that was similar/identical to the kind you spread on the regular cinnamon buns.  The cake itself was a little dry and crumbled really easily.  Safe to say I liked it mainly for the yummy frosting.  Overall though, not bad for not being a cupcake company!  But you really gotta like that frosting to eat this, it's about 2/3 of the whole cupcake, haha!   


  1. "You ever eat a Cinnabon? You have to take a nap halfway through."

  2. these look yummy, but waay too much frosting!

  3. Ooh, that is indulgent. What does the cake itself taste like?

  4. The cake tasted like a cinnamon cake- like a coffeecake without the topping, more or less.